Big Fan: Let’s Start Buzzin’

Oh no, I’m not gonna let the last thing I post today be that screeching harpy hose-beast. Let’s end this Wednesday on a positive note, eh what?

Big Fan hits (some) theatres next month. A trailer for it was just released yesterday, and it makes the film look every bit as amazing I thought it would be the first time I heard about it.

Why will this film be awesome? Because it’s written and directed by Robert Siegel, the scribe behind The Wrestler and a former writer for The Onion. Because it looks like the first film to fully plunge the pathetic depths of sports talk show callers and obsessive sports fans in general. Because it portrays a blue-collar slob with a dead end job and a sad life but doesn’t plumb his predicament for yuks.

And because that slob protagonist is played by Patton Oswalt. If Ratatouille was Patton’s break-out role, he must’ve gone back to jail, because he’s ready to bust out all over again.

In other words, I have no reason to think this movie will be anything other than brilliant. But you don’t have to take my word for it. That’s why God invented high-definition trailers.