The Space Between the Cushions Collective: An Update

A while ago, Scratchbomb featured a Kickstarter page created by The Space Between the Cushions Collective, a group from Bushwick that “shifts the public art paradigm by creating sustainable, locally-grown couch forts.” Eventually, they were able to gain the funds necessary to embark on a tour, but I haven’t received an official update from them since a stop in Philadelphia. They were supposedly on their way to Pittsburgh, but I’ve received little more than texts from them in that time. I thought I’d share them with you in attempts to piece together their progress since The Collective’s last full-fledged update.

April 15
Do u kno if primant’is has vegan platter? asked guy behind counter 8x and he just keeps starin at me

April 17
damn;altenater might be shot again. shouldntve tried to recharge ipad and portable french press at smae time

April 18
back on the road got altenatre fixed, only cost $700 to fix that and the busted hobbit belt on the van’s third axel

April 22
gotta hightail it outta akron. set up couch fort on site of old tire factory and got this wierd rash

April 23
rash getting worse, startin to freak out, think i might have that creepshow disease where i turn into a grass monster

April 24
false alarm. turns out it was just a mosquito bite.

April 27
wtf! Schuyler got nabbed by the Chicago cops! just cuz he put up one of our installations on some el train steps and some old lady tripped. not gonna stand for this! rally tomorrow in grant park!

April 28
big crowd here, at least 8. 9 if you count the guy who’s looked over from that bench a bunch of times.

April 29
Schuyler’s outta jail, wants to know why we didn’t just bail him out instead of holding ‘some bullshit rally’. i told him in art it always makes the most sense to do the thing that makes the least sense. he punched me in the sternum

April 30
Schuyler called us a buncha assholes and took a bus back to NY.
i always doubted his commitment. his loss. we’re goin to Madison next the abandoned couch capital of the upper midwest

May 1
a buncha dumb college students ran off with our lattest installation and set it on fire. everyone’s goin nuts over here i think the school beat their big rival osamabin state or something? i dunno i don’t follow sports.

May 4
woke upearly this morning to watch the sunrise and think about how precious and fragile life is andhwo we have to make the best use of what little time we have on this planet. reallty got me motivated to findsome abadnoned couches and make forts out of them today

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  1. I know you meant it as a joke, but you would get run out of Primanti’s for requesting vegan fare. Used to be, they’d call you a wuss for asking for your sandwich to get cut in half.

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