Update from The Space Between the Cushions Collective

Thanks to your generous donations, The Space Between the Cushions Collective will be hitting to road soon! We fell a bit short of our goal, which was admittedly a bit optimistic. It’s hard for anyone to raise $95,000 in just two weeks, especially when you’re getting the word out primarily through flour-pasting fliers onto bus shelters and wind-powered text message blasts. But Kickstarter agreed to partially fund our quest if we promised to never use them or mention them again after this sentence. Thanks, [redacted]!

In case you haven’t heard of us before, first, crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under. Then, listen to this: The Space Between the Cushions Collective creates sustainable, locally grown couch forts that help the poor, unenlightened citizens of East Williamsburg discover their urban spaces in bold new ways. Those we’ve helped include the kids of P.S. 209 (except for the one who poked his eye on a protruding couch spring) and that derelict who begs for change outside the deli on Irving that still sells 4Loko.

Now, we’ll be taking our organic couch fort-construction techniques to big cities and slightly smaller cities across America! Our fixed-gear van is fully repaired, and even though we couldn’t afford the mural we really wanted, we did get one of our favorite artists to cover it in a large canopy made of stitched together airbrushed jean jackets. We also found a lobby poster for Space Jam to hang inside the van. It looks so stupid, it’s awesome.

We’ll be sending you dispatches as we travel, to update you on where you can find our latest installations. Stay tuned, and keep watching the couches. First stop: Philadelphia! Actually, first stop’s in Mahwah, since Bill’s gotta drop off some laundry at him mom’s house. And then we might check out a house show in New Brunswick; I heard the guy who plays bike in Arcade Fire might do a solo acoustic set. But after that, it’s straight on to Philly!