Sean from Massapequa: Reyes Some Concern

Today, Sean from Massapequa graces us with his presence to discuss Jose Reyes’ sudden medical woes. He told me he preferred to address the audience directly, unlike previous posts where we had a dialogue. So without further delay, here’s Sean.

seanfrommassapequa.jpgThey say Jose Reyes has got a thyroid problem. Yeah, and I’m the mayor of Five Towns.

I’m not, just so you know. There is no mayor of Five Towns, cuz it ain’t an actual town. Just like Reyes ain’t actually hurt. We all know this guy fakes injuries, like he did last year so’s he could take more salsa lessons.

How do I know that? Ask yourself this: Has he ever denied it? I rest my case.

There ain’t no such thing as a thyroid. You ever seen one? I didn’t think so. A thyroid is one a them things doctors make up so’s they can prescribe you expensive medication. Like ADD, or your appendix. It’s all just a scam. They say you got some disease, charge your insurance for the pills or cream or whatever, and you get some workman’s comp cuz you got sick on the job somehow. That’s what they call The Circle of Scam.

You get to be my age, you see the shit I seen, you realize everything’s a scam. Congress. Santa Claus. The Pope. Cold fusion. The Post Office. All scams. Makes me sick just thinkin about it.

Listen: you go to the right doctor, you can get him to say you got anything. Anything. And if you go to the really right doctor, you can get him to write you a scrip for anything. Speakin a which, if you need that type a doctor, lemme know. I might know a guy. Just sayin.

Take my buddy Joe, f’rinstance. Works for the Parks Department supervising landscaping work. Easiest job in the world. Guy works like 15 hours a week, and half that time is replacing the string in the weedwhackers. Of course, Joe had to get greedy and try and get disability. So he goes to this one doctor I know in Fresh Meadows, doctor “diagnoses” him with “lawnmower lung”.

reyes_st_2010.jpgThe City said there was no such thing, but Joe threatened to squeal about the no-bid Soilmaster contract, so they gave him what he wanted. Now the guy collects a paycheck while sittin in a hammock all year. Even in the winter, two feet a snow on the ground. Guy loves his hammock.

I bet that’s where Reyes is right now, swingin in his hammock, sippin a lemonade. I bust my hump on the job three days a week, and all I wanna do is watch some spring training baseball in the middle of my five day weekend. Now that’s all ruined cuz Reyes don’t wanna do spring training drills. Life ain’t fair.

Look, Reyes, just get your ass on the field and all is forgiven. I need you back on the diamond so’s I can scream horrible things atcha every time you don’t hit a triple.