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Here’s the Score

Yes, I am one of those dorks who scores baseball games. Or at least I was until fairly recently, as I explained in this lengthy post. There were many reasons I stopped, but one of the biggest was because my enormous Modell’s scorebook was cumbersome, conspicuous, and just a bit too scholarly for the stadium experience. Yes, there are some times when I do feel self conscious about my appearance.

However, I’ve come across a scorebook that would completely make me rethink my abandonment of scoring. Eephus League has developed a scorebook that is both compact and elegantly designed. It is seriously a work of art, as you will see from the pics in this post. The font choice and layout is nothing but perfect. It’s small enough to fit in a messenger bag or even a coat pocket (if you have biggish pockets), yet still large enough to have enough space for all your scoring needs. Plus, it comes with stickers, and who doesn’t love stickers?

The scorebook’s designer, Bethany Heck, has started a Kickstarter page to get these books printed. I will definitely donate to this cause, as I must have one of these, and I’d suggest you do the same. Everyone who donates gets a scorebook, and there are some awesome prizes at different tiers, like some retro-iffic posters and t-shirts that celebrate the art of scoring. I’m particularly enamored of one that depicts the bottom of the 10th of game 6 of the 1986 World Series in scored form (seen to your right). Even though I’m sure I’d have to explain it each time I wore it. No, scratch that–because I’m sure I’d have to explain it each time I wore it.