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We Built this Citi on a Former Ash Field

citifield3.jpgI’ll be traveling to CitiField for the first time this weekend, to watch St. John’s take on Georgetown. That would be a great matchup, if it were a basketball game. And it was still 1987.

Obviously, my main objective in this outing is to grab a sneak peek of the Mets’ new ballpark. Lotsa web sites have been posting pics and previews lately, so I’m ultra excited. I may even live-TwitPic the event. The Wife might, too. We shall keep you posted.

But if there’s anything you wanna know, any item you want to see a photo of, or any questions you want answered, comment here and I will endeavor to answer them on Sunday.

Huge-ass photo-packed post to follow on Monday. Unless it sucks. In which case, huge-ass profanity-laced post to follow on Monday.