YouTubery Friday: Snuff Box and Do Something!

It’s Friday! Procrastinate and count down to happy hour with these lovely bits!

Over Thanksgiving, my brother hipped me to the hilarious video below, which is a compilation of segments from the BBC comedy Snuff Box. You may recognize Matt Berry as Dr. Lucien Sanchez from Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. You may also recognize Rich Fulcher as Bob Fossil from The Mighty Boosh. But if you don’t know either of them from Adam, I think you’ll recognize funny when you see it.

To be honest, I know very little about Snuff Box, except what bits exist on the YouTube. But from what I can gather, it involves the misadventures of a hangman and his assistant, with liberal doses of British absurdist humor, very much in the Boosh vein. It also has many recurring gags, one of which is gathered here.

Matt Berry will help a young damsel in distress, usually carrying a heavy object for her. But the exact second she reveals she has a boyfriend, I mean, the exact second, he…well, I won’t ruin it. Suffice to say, the comedic timing and violence are both exquisite.

Last night, the hilarious Michael Kupperman tweeted “Do something!”, along with a link to the video below. I will give it no more set up than he did. Enjoy (seeing this in your nightmares)!