In Case You’re Interested…

…and I know you are, I’ve added all 2006 entries to the new site. So delve into the past, if you are so inclined. I’ll be moving on to 2007 next and sending periodic updates of the progress therein.

Truth be told, there was one post from 2006 that I didn’t add, which pertained to the old Scratchbomb podcast, Holy Goddamn! That’s because I hope to revive the podcast some time in the near future, and didn’t want to confuse the issue by having an old post pointing to a weird mp3 that doesn’t exist.

When shall that podcast be up and running again? I hope to have one ready within the next few weeks. I’ve laid the groundwork for doing it tech- and site-wise, now I just have to think of some ideas and carve out the time to do it.