Comment Away(?)

Looking at some of Scratchbomb’s site activity, I got the impression that some folks were trying to comment, but couldn’t. I changed some site settings, so hopefully that should be fixed. If it is, comment away. If you’re still having trouble, let me know and I’ll do what I can. Shovel more coal in the mySQL server, maybe.

Update 11:35am: Okay, I’ve tinkered some more. Commenting is now enabled via TypePad. So if you create a TypePad user account, you should now be able to comment. Why, Sean from Massapequa was able to comment on his own post!

Update 2:54pm: Okay, turns out I’m profoundly out of my league when it comes to writing code, because somehow I totally messed up my site trying to fix comments. So I had to start the site over from scratch. Hurrah! Bear with me as I rebuild this bitch from the floor up, and hopefully find some way reader types can comment easily.

Update 3:32pm: I think I’ve fixed things. The story of how I fixed them is incredibly boring; suffice to say, it was mostly my own dumbassery/ignorance that kept people from commenting. You should now be able to register and confirm your account via Movable Type; I can’t confirm the usefulness of other methods at this time, but you can feel free to check em out if you’re feeling adventurous. I will be re-spiffing up the site and returning the old posts later tonight.

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