For Yankee Fans, the Long Drought Is Finally Over

new_yankee_stadium.jpgNEW YORK–Yankee fans nationwide rejoiced Tuesday, as their team finally emerged from the wilderness and ended their playoff drought. The Bronx Bombers hadn’t made the playoffs since 2007, a staggering lapse that tried the patience of even the most die-hard loyalist.

“Today is all about the fans, after all we’ve been through,” said Brad Dunphy of Toms River, 26, one of the hundreds of fans who celebrated the occasion at the Hard Rock Cafe in the new Yankee Stadium. “We went almost two years without making the playoffs. You realize Bush was still president back then? I don’t think Obama had even been born yet.”

“Two years. That’s like, 104 weeks,” chimed in Brad’s friend Pat Sullivan of Yonkers, 25. “Think about this: Back then, I was really into Rush. Now, I’m kinda over them. That’s how long ago that is. Crazy.”

Dunphy concurred, “Dude totally used to be into Rush.”

“I got a real good feeling about this team,” Sullivan said. “I think they could go all the way. This has gotta be one of my favorite Yankee teams ever, and I’m a fan from way back, all the way to 1996.”

“We stuck with this team through thick and thin,” Dunphy added. “Like last year, when they were just an okay team. And those first couple of weeks this season, when A-Rod was hurt and Teixeira couldn’t hit for shit, and I called up WFAN and said Girardi and Cashman should be fired.”

After last night’s 6-5 win in Anaheim, Derek Jeter praised Yankees fans for their loyalty. “They’ve always been there to support us, in both the good times and the slightly-less-good times,” the shortstop said.

Not everyone in New York was elated, however. For instance, Frank Lopez, 29, a Red Sox fan from Washington Heights. He was “dragged” to the Stadium by Yankee fan friends, and was not in a celebretory mood.

“These people don’t know about suffering,” Lopez tsked. “You wanna talk about suffering? How about the Sox? They went all of 2006 without making the playoffs! That’s even longer ago than 2007! Some people got no perspective.”