Transcripts from the LeBron Tapes

Don’t think for one min that I haven’t been taking mental notes
of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!
— @KingJames, 8.10.2010

lebronnixon.jpgKing James: You take a fellow like this Michael Jordan, I notice–he is always creating something, isn’t he?

Bosh: He incidentally is on–you shouldn’t get involved in this, but he’s on our list, too.

King James: Good.

Bosh: They’re going after a couple of ex-ballers. They’re going after Charles Barkley, too.

King James: Like what? Have they been making any money on the outside?

Bosh: Those two? You kidding me? We think they might have something on them, yeah. I think we can finally get [NBA commissioner David] Stern to admit he really suspended Jordan for gambling that time when he pretended to play baseball. Just want to harass them. Just give them a little trouble.

King James: Exactly. Pound these people.

Bosh: Just give them something to worry about.

King James: It’s routine.

Bosh: Yeah. Oh, that’s right, you talked to [Dwayne] Wade today, too. He was trying to dig up some dirt of Kevin Durant. I can’t even remember why.

King James: That subdued extension announcement of his. No ESPN special. No dry ice. Nothing. Just tweeted about it, like he’s trying to out-humble me. Pissed me off.

Bosh: Should we sic Jim Gray on him? The man’s loyal.

King James: Gray? He ain’t no attack dog.

Bosh: Are you kidding? Dig you see him rip apart Corey Pavin?

King James: Alright, but do it through the proper channels. We can’t have this shit coming back to me.

Bosh: Of course.

King James: [inaudible] Delonte West?

Bosh: He was traded with Sebastain Telfair, then released by the Timberwolves. Haven’t we done enough?