Sign No. 147 That the Mets Are Doomed: Furries

During the Mets’ mostly disastrous series in Milwaukee, the team stayed at a haunted hotel. So they had to be relieved to move on to Pittsburgh for today’s make-up game against the Pirates, and stay in poltergeist-free lodgings.

Except that last night, SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt tweeted about something strange goings-on at their hotel. Ghosts? No, but something almost as terrifying:

Our hotel in Pitt is overrun by people dressed up as animals. Anthrocon? And they act as animals. I have seen it all and I am freaked out

Yes, the Mets are staying at the same hotel that’s hosting a FURRY CONVENTION. I’m gonna assume that you know what furries are, because it’s way too early in the morning for me to google “furry” and provide you with a proper definition. I haven’t even had breakfast yet.

euckerfurry.jpgThis is not the first time a visiting baseball team has had to share a hotel with…these guys. The Brewers had this happen to them back in 2007 during a series in Pittsburgh–as evidenced by the picture to your right–which inspired this hilarious Dugout. (Is Pittsburgh particularly tolerant of the fake-animal-loving community?)

Oh, but Mr. Burkhardt’s tweets got even more intriguing/horrifying as the night wore on:

I just took a picture with a person who was dressed like Ralph Wigam as a Beaver.

Of course, I had to see this. And I’m sure many of you may be curious, too. Keep in mind, if you click on this link, that there are some things you can’t un-see.

Poor Kevin later reported that he was too disturbed to sleep. I assume the players were no less disturbed. So if you watch the game this afternoon and you see a baseball team of dead-eyed, shell-shocked zombies…actually scratch that. The Mets look like that most days anyway, even without the influence of furries.