“Classic” Scratchbomb: A Million Little Pieces of Crap

Right back atcha, pal.

A few tweets from funnyperson Julie Klausner yesterday and today concerned Oprah Winfrey turning over two whole damn shows to professional monster James Frey. This reminded me that I hauled off on Mr. Frey and his gutless, soulless, predatory business practices last November. If you wish to revisit that carnage, click here to drink it in.

If you want the short version: He’s a creep. Actually, I take that back. Sorry, Creeps. Didn’t mean to besmirch you by comparing you to James Frey.

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  1. So his defense is that he’s as good and ground breaking as the likes of Marcel Proust or Henry Miller; deconstructing and ultimately transcending the memoir.

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