Today’s Subway Series Headlines

2010subwayseries.jpgDaily News

OH CAPTAIN!: Jeter nearly fields three ground balls in valiant effort

Plus: “How the Mets managed to win despite having a so many Latinos,” by Bill Madden, and “What this series means to me, personally, and no one else,” by Mike Lupica

New York Post

YEAH, I GUESS: Mets hold on to win ultimately meaningless series

Plus: An apology for the premature online posting of original game story: K-WRONG: Closer blows lead and as Mets lose series that meant everything to them

New York Times

Struggling to Fit As Many Words into a Sports Headline as He Possibly Can, Our Editor Adds Countless Qualifiers Until the 6-4 Final of Last Night’s Contest Between the Mets and Yankees Is Completely Obscured



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ESPN New York

Champs travel to Minnesota after off day to take on another non-Red Sox team

Plus: “Watch me shit all over the Mets’ series win because it made a few people happy,” by Wallace Matthews