The Mets Hate Free Enterprise

mets_hooky.jpgI can’t wait to see the Wallace Matthews piece about this bit of email:

The Mets obviously haven’t done enough to take taxpayers money with their horrible stadium. Now, they encourage workers to skip out on their jobs and line their pockets, too–thus depriving the city of thousands of valuable man-hours! For shame!

And to promote this shameful, anti-patriotic effort, they use Jose Reyes–the man whose lack of grit and hustle has single-handedly cost the Mets a playoff spot two years in a row! How long shall we allow the Mets and Reyes to corrupt the youth of America?! For double shame!

To be fair, Wally has a column in today’s Newsday where he sort-of compliments the Mets on their sweep of Pittsburgh. Back-handed praise is the only kind of praise he allows.