John Sterling Broadcasts Live from Armageddon

sterling.jpgWe’re coming to you live from the Lowe’s Broadcast Booth. Lowe’s: Let’s build something…to-geth-ah!

You know, baseball’s a funny game, isn’t it? I mean, one second the Yankees are up by three runs, the next thing you know, someone’s broken the seventh seal and we’re in the middle of the Biblical Apocalypse! I tell you what Suzyn, the only thing you can predict about this game is that it’s unpredictable!

Of course, many of the fans have left the Stadium to flee for their lives. And some of
those who’ve stayed have been killed by these strange flying monsters that look sort of like a cross between a dragon, a monkey, and Goose Gossage. But the players here are all professionals, and they’re going to soldier on through this end of life as we know it. So if you’re listening at home in your fallout shelter, loading a shotgun and rationing out trail mix, keep that radio tuned right here!

Here’s the Captain, Derek Jeter, to lead off the fifth. The path to the batter’s box is now swirling with molten lava and demons’ blood, so he’ll have to watch his step. Remember, Robinson Cano slid into that deadly pool after a close play at the plate in the bottom of the second, so the Yanks’ bench is a little thin.

Remember, next Friday is Cap Day at the Stadium. All children 12 and under will receive a free Yankees hat, courtesy of Dunkin Donuts. Plenty of good seats still left, so if we all haven’t been roasted to death and if time itself hasn’t ceased to have any meaning whatsoever, come on down!

And Jeter takes…low for ball one. Now, if Jeter can go the opposite way and poke one into right, he may be able to leg out a double. The right fielder is not quick and does not have a good arm. Plus, it should be hard for him to judge the flight of the ball, now that the sky has turned a hideous shade of blackish red.

This weather report is brought to you by Con Edison. Well, I can’t tell the temperature, since the mercury in our thermometer has burst through the top and boiled away. But I would have to say it’s muggy today, even though the sun has been completely blotted out. So if you’re venturing out this afternoon, make sure to bring plenty of water, and an axe to stave off all of the zombies.

And the pitch is…swung on and missed, strike one. Jeter was looking fastball on that last pitch, but he just couldn’t catch up to it. He may have also been distracted by the vampires that have just swooped into left field, but I doubt it. Derek is the ultimate professional–he would never use bloodsucking corpse-things as an excuse.

Here’s the 1-and-1. DRILLED TO LEFT CENTER! THAT BALL IS HIGH! MM-IT IS FAR! MM-IT IS GAHN! El Capitan! Oh Captain, My Captain! The Captain and Tenille does it again! Captain Jack will get us high tonight!

Wait, hold on. I’m sorry, folks, it seems there was some confusion on the play. The center fielder is protesting that the ball was ingested by some sort of demon. He’s pointing at the beast right now as it hovers menacingly over the warning track. The demon has long, leathery wings and pointy ears. If I had to describe his eyes, I’d say they have a soulless look that just sends shivers down my spine. Boy, it’s Jeffrey Maier all over again!

I tell you what, you can’t predict this game at all, Suzyn! You just can’t!

What’s that, Suzyn? I can’t make out what you’re saying. Sounds like you’re saying “brains”. Oh, it seems Suzyn has been transformed into one of the bloodthirsty undead.

Well, to paraphrase the old musical Oklahoma, I’ve gone about as fur as I can go! While I look for a sharpened stick and pray for the protection of my immortal soul, this would be a good time for station identification on the Yankees Radio Network. This is Yankees baseball!