Playing Hooky

Just a quick note to let alla youse know that Scratchbomb will probably be on radio silence for the rest of the day, as I am off to CitiField in a matter of hours. Yes, it’s still quite a long time until the game starts. But I got some stuff I gotta take care of before I leave the house. You don’t need worry about it. Here’s a coupla bucks, go buy yourself something pretty.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be the bearded guy in the Edgardo Alfonzo jersey desperately staving off hypothermia (but also counterintuitively drinking a beer). I usually don’t do the “wearing a jersey outside” thing, let alone to a game. I’m always afraid that if I do and the home nine lose, I’ll be out all day in these vestments of shame. Everyone will know that I’ve been to the game and that I’m sad and possibly angry about how they lost, and feel everyone else’s pitying, mocking eyes crawling over me in disgust.

Ah, what the hell, Opening Day comes but once a year.

This will be my first opener since 2008. How long ago is that? Not only did Ollie Perez start that game, but the crowd waited until the sixth inning or so to boo him. Were we ever so young?

See you there. Unless you’re not going, in which case the likelihood of me seeing you is drastically reduced. But not impossible!