Frank McCourt Runs Into an Old Flame

Oh, hey Dodgers. Haven’t seen you in forever. Who woulda thought I’d run into you here in Chavez Ravine?…No, I can’t go in for a hug? Alright, a handshake is okay…Or a wave, sure, a wave is fine.

You look great. Really, I mean…wow.

Me? I couch surfed for a while after you kicked me out, stayed with my brother for a bit. Right now I’m rooming with my buddy Mark in Los Feliz. You remember him, right? He does the lighting for I Carly. No? You don’t remember him? He’s an awesome dude. You’d like him.

Yeah, been working out a bit. That’s why I’ve got this bike, trying to stay in shape. The binoculars? Bird watching. I like to bird watch when I, um…when I bike.

Finally working on that screenplay idea, too. Some stuff has really come together in my mind, just really gelled, you know?

God, it’s good to see you. We should get together some time, get some drinks or something. Hey, I know you must be busy since you’re running away, so I’ll leave my new digits with the bat boy, okay?