Everybody’s Crazy for the Weekend!: Doll Warrior and “This American Life” (Not Really)

Friday’s normally the day for YouTubery Friday (because, duh), but this week I haven’t stumbled across anything overtly awesome in the moving picture vein. I did, however, find a couple of items that put the “crazy” in *that weird index-finger-flapping-your-lips crazy noise*.

One of my brothers works in the fabulous world of film production. There are awesome, glamorous aspects of this job, of course. Like any other job, there are also bad things about it. In the latter category: the sheer amount of kookadooks who seek you out because their Crazy Voice must be heard. It may be hard to believe, but the prospect of fame occasionally attracts unhinged persons. The kind who write pitches that start out THE MAGIC JESUS SPACESHIP IN MY BRAIN HAS THE BEST IDEA FOR A SCRIPT EVAR!!1! I’VE WRITTEN IT ON THIS KNIFE I’M HOLDING AGAINST YOUR THROAT!

Earlier this week, my brother told me he received a movie pitch via fax (always a good sign; 99 percent of all faxes are sent by robots or the criminally insane). He sent me a link for this movie pitch for something called Doll Warrior, without comment. Because really, what else can you say? Other than several variations on WTF?!!!, which is what we did for the next hour.

Finally, I received this email from an email address at “This American Life”. Something tells me it’s not actually from the fabled NPR show. Keep in mind, this is just a small chunk of a very, very long rant that doesn’t even begin to make sense. Brevity and crazy-ity don’t often go hand in hand.