Inappropriate Walk Up Music: 03.11.09

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Every day until Opening Day, Scratchbomb presents three tunes that are completely, unequivocally inappropriate for use as major league walk-up music.

These are not necessarily bad songs–although that
certainly helps. They are merely songs that don’t evoke the fear and dread one traditionally associates with the walk-up song. In fact, they evoke the exact opposite.

Imagine yourself in the on-deck circle. Bottom of the 9th. Down by one. Man on second, two out. You hear the PA system blare, The centerfielder, number 20… The crowd roars at the sound of your name. And as you stroll to the batter’s box, you are greeted with the strains of one of these songs:

* “Swanee”, Al Jolson
Weirdly old-timey or borderline racist, depending on your POV. I’d love to hear an old scratchy 78 played out of a modern PA system. The crackles and pops would sound pristine!

* “Cherry Bomb”, The Runaways
Kick-ass tune, BUT more of a kick-ass tune for kick-ass chicks. Until kick-ass chicks break into the major leagues, it remains inappropriate.

* “Freaxxx”, brokeNCYDE
Inappropriate in any context.