Warm Thoughts for a Cold Winter: Mel Allen for Atari + “Gathering Crowds”

Mel Allen, longtime Yankees broadcaster and the voice of This Week in Baseball, did many a commercial in his day. Enjoy this one from the early 80s, in which Mr. How ‘Bout That shills for an Atari baseball game with an unhealthy amount of reverb on his voice. Realistic graphics!

Speaking of This Week in Baseball, I have several episodes of it from the late 80s and early 90s in The Vast and Dusty Scratchbomb VHS Archives. I would love to digitize and share them with all of you, really I would. But as I’ve said many times, MLBAM would come down on me like a ton of bricks for doing so.

As a meager substitute, please accept “Gathering Crowds”, the TWIB end credits theme song used for, oh, about 900 years. This song actually makes me mist up a little bit. DON’T JUDGE.

Also, don’t ask me to explain the assemblage of still images in this “video”. I am not responsible for its visual content, but I am grateful for the audio.