Insert Ethnic/Truck Joke Here

My bus has passed the same truck two mornings in a row on Flushing Avenue. It’s a gleaming blue Ford F-150 with a bunch of construction equipment in the back. It even has a huge slab of concrete with iron handles embedded in it.*

* Is there a word for this? I’ve seen these things all my life and I still have no idea what they are, or what they might be used for. Help!

A pickup truck is not an uncommon site in Brooklyn. But it is jarring when paired with a bumper sticker in Hebrew. Script Hebrew, too, which I guess implies some sort of humor is being employed.

I can neither speak nor read Hebrew, so I can only guess at its message. THE GOOD L*RD MADE THE FORD! I’D RATHER SCHLEP A FORD THAN DRIVE A DODGE!