Masterpieces of Kiddom: Axe Cop!

axecop.pngA whiles back, I wrote about a site called Tiny Art Director and how it represented one of the darker, more soul-crushing aspects of parenthood–how your children can be Heathers-level cruel to you on a daily basis. But kids do cool stuff, too. Like make up hilarious stories with enormous universes and characters ruled by a logic that only makes sense to them.

Witness Axe Cop, an online comic drawn by an adult but “written” by a five-year-old. Apparently, the young auteur (Malachai Nicolle) tells his stories about the titular character to the artist (Ethan Nicolle), who illustrates them. Magic ensues.

I will not ruin your experience by revealing any details of the exciting Axe Cop story arc. Suffice to say, it’s pretty much exactly what you might expect from the mind of a five-year-old. Click and enjoy. I promise awesomeness.

Thanks to namethebats, who first alerted me to said awesomeness.