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Ultimate Warrior on Arsenio Hall. Need I Say More?

Because it’s Friday, and because I love you, here is a clip of The Ultimate Warrior on Arsenio Hall during both personalities’ respective heydays (brought to my attention by the tweeting of @jeskeets). Even as someone who could care less about wrestling, I can enjoy the resolute early 90s-ness of this video. Also, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a big slab Grade A USDA-approved crazy.

Pointless Nostalgia Bonus: MTV Ads!

As I explained in a recent, similar post, I love commercials. There, I said it. Oh, that felt so liberating.

This latest bout of Pointless Ad Nostalgia comes courtesy of the episode of 120 Minutes from 1991 that contained a lengthy, uncomfortable interview with The Pixies. What’s different about these ads vis a vis the Steampipe Alley-era ads I just posted? Well, there’s the three years difference, a small eternity in ad-time.

More importantly, since these ads aired on MTV late at night, they’re pitched at a much older audience. A fashion-conscious audience that would be receptive to a commercial like this one for Cavaricci. That brand has all but disappeared, but when I was in junior high, everyone had to wear Cavaricci. If you had enough money to buy it, that is. If you were me, you wore generic jeans and whatever was on sale at Caldor’s that season.

Why was Cavaricci so popular? Why is anything so popular at any give time? But if this ad is to be believed, they made you very limber and a snazzy dancer.

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