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2010 NFC North Preview, with Michelle Bachmann

With the NFL season about to kickoff, Scratchbomb has asked a few luminaries to give us their takes on the upcoming football season. Next up, the Republican representative for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district, Michelle Bachmann.

bachmann.jpgI’m so excited for the NFL season to start up again. Football is the great American pastime, because it has so many of the things that made this country great, like helmets and shoving. Granted, I’m not a big fan of its socialist salary caps, but I do like the fact that ungrateful employees can be cut at a moment’s notice with no consequences at all. Someday I hope to bring that kind of forward-thinking right-to-work-ism to the great state of Minnesota!

It was very disappointing to watch the Vikings lose last year’s NFC championship game to the Saints. I thought for sure Minnesota would triumph over a city like New Orleans, which had the nerve to say we didn’t respond to Hurricane Katrina quickly enough after we gave them all that surplus food and government trailers, and even let them crash at the Superdome for a coupla days. I swear, you give some people several hundred inches of water and they’ll take a mile!

These people could learn a lot from Brett Favre, a man who got to where he is from hard work and perseverance and good ol’ hard work. He didn’t ask for any handouts, no siree Bob! All Brett needs is an entire off season to decide if he wants to play or not, and if so, for which team. And of course, he needs a team with a good supporting cast like the Vikings have. A supporting cast that will say “Okay Brett, just take yer time there,” and be okay with not knowing exactly who they should take in the draft.

Brett can’t do it alone, of course. He’s got Adrian Peterson, who’s not only the best running backs in the whole sport, but has a fine, solid Scandinavian name despite being a Black! And Percy Harvin is quite the wide receiver, even if he has a name that sounds kind of womany. But better a womany first name than a Muslim-y first name, like a certain commander-in-chief who shall remain nameless. (Here’s a hint: it rhymes with “Barack”.)

I look up and down this division, and I don’t see another team that has the kind of all-American sticktoit-ivity of Brett Favre. Jay Cutler whined his way out of Denver, but now he’s getting his comeuppance: he has to QB a crummy team like the Bears. That’s what the Chinese call “kar-ma”.

Aaron Rodgers had a good year for Green Bay, but you can’t trust a man with a mustache like that. A clean upper lip means a clean mind! That’s exactly why Obama is clean shaven–he wants us to think he’s on our side. There’s no other explanation!

As for Detroit, they’re getting exactly what they deserve after handing an entire industry over to the evil clutches of labor unions. That’s right–consequence-free bailout money. And also Matt Stafford.

Brett Favre will lead the Vikings to the Super Bowl, just like George Washington led the Union army to victory on the beaches at Normandy. Did you know that the last time I looked in my children’s history books, this historic incident was not mentioned once?! That’s the Obama administration for ya, trying to make us ashamed of all our nation’s accomplishments.

Joe and Troy Tell it Like it Is

buck2.jpgWe’re into the waning seconds of regulation in the NFC championship game, all tied at 28, the Vikings have the ball, and they are on the precipice of field goal range. Now…wait a second, Minnesota just received a penalty for 12 men in the huddle. That will cost them five yards of precious field position.
aikman.jpgJoe, that’s because Brett Favre is so focused on the game. A lesser quarterback might have noticed there were too many players on the field, but Brett has a one track mind, which is what you really need in a winning quarterback.
buck2.jpgI agree, Troy. Now the Vikings will try to get back into field range. Favre drops back, he’s got some room to scramble, but he decides to throw for some reason, and the pass is picked off by Tracy Porter. Do you think that was a good decision, Troy?
aikman.jpgAbsolutely, Joe. What you saw there was Brett Favre trying to make the big play. He thought he could bounce a pass right off of Porter’s helmet and into Bernard Berrian’s arms. That kind of circus catch would have taken the wind right out of the Saints’ sails. It didn’t work out, but you can not blame Brett for trying. You simply CAN NOT.
buck2.jpgIndeed, Troy. Brett Favre is not to blame here. Not for anything, ever. But that pick means we go into overtime. New Orleans wins the coin toss, so they will receive and try to drive down the field for the winning score.
aikman.jpgWatch Brett Favre watching the game on the sideline. That is the way a true champion sits and watches. Head up, looking at the action. Not to the side, or above or below, but at the action.
buck2.jpgYou wanna talk about a champion watcher, Brett Favre is every bit of that. Oh, and Garrett Hartley nails a 40-yard field goal to win the game for the Saints. Now, Brett Favre will rise from the bench and head down the tunnel into the locker room.
aikman.jpgThis is a player who KNOWS how to walk into a locker room. One foot in front of the other. We are watching a professional.
buck2.jpgIt is just a joy to watch him walk. He walks like a little kid out there! And now he’s in the locker room, and he’s taking his socks off. And he’s placed one of his socks on his right hand, and he’s talking to it. And now the sock is “talking” back to him, like a puppet.
aikman.jpgAgain, this shows leadership. I don’t know any other QB in the NFL who can talk to his socks like that. He is truly greater than Jesus.
buck2.jpgNow he’s popped the top off of a AA battery with his brute strength, and he’s pouring the battery acid down his throat. Do you think that was a good decision, Troy?
aikman.jpgI do, Joe. Most coaches in this league will tell you they don’t want their QBs ingesting caustic chemicals, as would most doctors and rational human beings. But Brett Favre didn’t get this far by listening to the so-called experts.
buck2.jpgWe’ll take a break. When we come back, live coverage of Brett Favre lying on the floor, convulsing and foaming at the mouth. And if we have time, a few shots of the team that is technically going to the Super Bowl.

“Classic” Scratchbomb: Brett Favre and the Aw Shucks Method of Getting to Yes

favre-vikings.jpgIn a complete non-shocker, Brett Favre has unretired.

The Worldwide Leader reacted the way it always reacts to any Favre news, which is to say, batshit insane. ESPN brought its viewers live aerial footage of Brett Favre driving to Vikings training camp. A local hospital was kind enough to let them use a Medivac chopper for this historic event.  

But ESPN didn’t just show Favre driving to camp. Oh no. They showed us Favre exiting his car. They showed us Favre hugging random people. They showed us Favre climbing stairs.

And when he was finally inside the Vikings facility, out of the reach of helicopters, ESPN brought us extended coverage of the bare stage where he would eventually conduct a press conference, in a room that looked like a high school utility shed.

It was like the most boring student film you ever saw. For a whole day, ESPN abandoned sports news and dedicated itself to Andy Warhol-esque film experiments. (“Next up: Colin Cowherd stars in our remake of Sleep!”)

But who are they airing all this garbage for? Packer fans feel betrayed. Vikings fans are unenthused (to say the least). And everyone else is sick to death of this manipulative goober. Even Peter King is a little pissed at getting jerked around by him, and King was Favre’s number one jock sniffer as recently as two weeks ago.

There’s no point in piling on Favre when the entire world (outside of Bristol, CT) hates him. I pretty much agree with Big Daddy Drew’s sentiment: this guy doesn’t love football (as all his admirers in the media have gushed over the years), he just loves being the guy on the football field that gets the glory. All the stuff you have to do to attain that glory (watch film, actually attend training camp) is for the other slobs, not superstars like him!

So no more Favre bashing from me–linebackers will be doing enough of that this year. But if you feel like guzzling some Haterade, enjoy this post from just around this time last year, when Favre royally dicked over the Packers for the first time. Original post here.

* * * *

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