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“Classic” Scratchbomb: Variety Chronicles Frank Sinatra’s Failed Biker Movie

A few years ago, I put together a series of posts on Frank Sinatra’s failed attempt to make a biker movie, as chronicled by Variety magazine. You see, Ol’ Blue Eyes had seen his daughter Nancy in The Wild Angels and decided to give the biker movie genre a try with all his Rat Pack buddies. The results were not good. You may not remember this because it was a long time ago, and because I completely made it up to amuse myself.

For some reason, these posts recently crawled out from the deep recesses of my mind. It occurred to me that I’d done them so long ago, virtually no one had seen them the first time, and I thought they shouldn’t lay dormant and unseen. They deserved to be seen by barely anybody, at least! So now I present to you this post that collects all the Frank/Hells Angels stuff together in one place. If you missed them the first time around, here’s your chance to miss them all over again!

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Variety Chronicles Frank Sinatra’s Failed Biker Movie, Part 3

Part 1   *   Part 2


Variety Chronicles Frank Sinatra’s Failed Biker Movie, Part 2

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Variety Chronicles Frank Sinatra’s Failed Biker Movie, Part 1

I had an old Uncle Morty who used to be in show biz. He represented small-time acts–dog tricks, plate spinners, head thumpers, that sort of thing. Oh, the stories he could tell!

When Uncle Morty passed away, he left me about 40 years worth of copies of Variety (along with a bunch of bills and unsettled paternity suits, but that’s a whole other story). His will stipulated I could not recycle them or throw them out, so I flip through them now and then.

Earlier this week, I came across a fascinating story about a biker movie Frank Sinatra tried to make in 1966/67 that eventually fell apart. Here’s the article from when the deal was first announced. I’ll post subsequent articles as soon as I can scan them.