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Podcast Update: I’M DOING IT, OKAY?!

My grand announcement about the return of Holy Goddamn!, the Scratchbomb.com podcast, said the first real episode would drop today. Did I lie? No! Did I grossly overestimate my available free time? Yes!

Rest assured I am hard at work getting this done, however, and a good chunk of it is in the can. I anticipate it being ready by the end of next week at latest. You’ll also be happy to know that Holy Goddamn is now searchable on iTunes and subscribable as well, so you get hooked up now and be on the ground floor when stuff starts going down.

Onward and upward!

Scratchbomb Status Update: Bent But Not Broken

So late last week, this site started performing erratically, when it performed at all. Faced with this crisis, I summoned all my strength and resolve and used it to completely freak out. I’d just spent an enormous amount of time migrating my site from one CMS to another, and the thought of having to do it all over was too gruesome for me to contemplate.

When I was done screaming and crying, I prevailed upon my webhost to move the site to a better server, which has now been completed. I’m able to use this site’s dashboard without trouble once again, and have added a few optimization plugins that should increase overall site performance.

The site appears to be functioning again for the reader, but if you find pages loading slowly or anything else similarly weird, please let me know. Here’s hoping this is the last such post for quite a while, and thank you for continuing to read despite the technical hiccups.

Scratchbomb Update: One More Snag

So it has just come to my attention that embedded video is conspicuously missing from posts which previously had them. This is due to a difference between the way Movable Type and WordPress handle such stuff, apparently. In the course of spiffing up the other posts on the new interface, I will remedy this as well. Please bear with me during this process, and I’ll take you all out for ice cream later, okay?

The Sites They Are A-Changin’

truckin.jpgSo here’s the deal: After months of bitching about the performance of my blog’s CMS, I have decided to do something about it. I am currently in the process of migrating all my content over to WordPress, which I’ve found does not crash and burn at random the way Movable Type does.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the upshot is, you probably won’t see a huge amount of content here–if any–for the next few days, since it doesn’t make much sense to keep adding posts in the current system while trying to implement a new one. It’s like hanging pictures on the wall while a fresh coat of paint is still drying.

My goal is to have this all wrapped up by Monday, at least from a content migration standpoint. It’s going to take me a bit longer than that to get the blog spiffed up design wise, but first thing’s first.

Thank you for your patience and your support during this difficult time. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the PHP include of your choice.

Scratchbomb Status: Keep Calm and Carry On

golf-fan-stretcher.jpgSo things appear to be back to normal-ish here on Scratchbomb. My crack team of troubleshooters and IT experts (i.e., me) managed to restore the site after destroying it, making Scratchbomb stronger and taller in the process.

You sharp-eyed folks out there might notice a few small changes from the way the site used to look and perform. If you do, give yourself a gold star. If not, just know that there are forces out there you cannot possibly comprehend.

Happy reading!

Site Blown the Eff Up, Please Bear With Us

In my attempt to enhance this here site, I somehow managed to destroy it. I won’t bore you with the details, in part because I’m not 100 percent sure what I did, but suffice to say I undid several years of meticulous CSSing and make-nicery.

I am slowly trying to restore Scratchbomb to its former glory (?). I hope you will bear with me as this process grinds on in excruciating fashion. In the meantime, please be aware that I will continue to Tumble over at Holy Goddamn! (Don’t forget the exclamation mark; it’s like Wham!)

A Word on Comments

Earlier today, I had to delete a bunch of spam comments. Spam hasn’t been much of an issue on this here site because I’ve put enough hoops in place so (I hope) the average spammer won’t bother. But lately, I’ve seen a few determined spammers (or bots, more likely) put in the effort to copy and paste chunks of my posts, alter them slightly, then append them with a link to their presumably illegitimate online business.

The likelihood of any guilty party reading this post lies between slim and none, but I’m just putting this out into the ether so it exists. Under the auspices of the It’s My Damn Site and I Can Do What I Want Law, I will delete your comment if it’s basically an ad. Look: I don’t make any money off of this site, so neither should you.

If you have some fantastically awesome product/book/movie/show you want everyone to know about, email me about it and maybe I’ll write about it. But sneaking your stupid link into a comment is the express route to getting banned, capisce?

I will also delete your comment if it adds nothing to the conversation. Or if it was clearly written by some kind of robot. And I would hope this would go without saying, but I will not allow any kind of racism, sexism, or homophobia in the comments. If that’s your game, just go to YouTube, where all commenters are required to be full of hate.

All objections can be addressed to the nearest brick wall.

Tumbling Towards Babylon

So because I don’t have nearly enough online attachments to distract me, I’ve started to do things on Tumblr. You can find my page–Holy Goddamn!–here.

My plan is for this to be a repository mostly for bite-size morsels of yuks/anger not substantial enough for full-blown Scratchbomb posts. So if you Tumble, consider Tumbling my way. Thank you, won’t you?

Endeavors Elsewhere Continue Unabated

If entries at Scratchbomb HQ have been light lately, it’s because I’ve been wracking my brain to bring you In the Year 2000, a survey of that year’s Mets team, over at Amazin’ Avenue. So I wanted give alla y’all a heads up that if you’re not checking that out, you should be. The latest post is on NLCS Game 2, in which Rick Ankiel had a China Syndrome-level meltdown, both teams forgot how to field, the Mets blew two leads, and came back thanks to an opportune bounce. Sounds thrilling, don’t it?

I’ve also added a little widget to your right that will inform you about the latest posts over at Amazin’ Avenue. See, it’s right there? Now you’ll never miss a beat. About what’ on that particular site, that is. For everything else in your life, you’re on your own.

Sharing Is Caring

buttons.pngYou’ll notice that Scratchbomb posts now have handy, convenient ways that allow you to share them with the world in just a few clicks. Or maybe you hadn’t noticed, but you surely must notice now that I’m telling you about. And if you’re not noticing them by now, you’re just being difficult.

Truth is, there always was a little sharing thingy beneath the tags, but I realized that it was obscured and obtuse and confusing. So now I’ve streamlined it via the only ways that people seem to share articles anymore: Twitter and Facebook.

To tweet about an article, just click the little Tweet button. That opens a window with a shortened URL so’s you can tweet away about my latest needling of Mike Francesa.

To “like” a page on Facebook, just click the little thumbs up button so all your Facebook friends will know how smart you are.

Please do this to spread the word about Scratchbomb’s fantastic-ness, and to also help me get my secret data mining project off the ground.