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Feel the Heat: Upcoming Chef/Band Cookbook Collaborations

In a world wracked by war, strife, and uncertainty, we recently received the heart-warming news that flame-bedecked celebrity chef Guy Fieri was working on a cookbook with Smash Mouth, which is technically a rock band. However, this sure future James Beard Award winner is but one of several forthcoming cookbooks that will feature collaborations between your favorite celebrity chefs and bands. Now that you’ve unquestioningly accepted this premise, here are but a few examples of these culinary publications.

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Transformer Jr.

Whilst in the car, my iPod rolled over to “Satellite of Love” (the Lou Reed version, not the Joel Hodgson version). I started to sing it to The Baby in the back seat, and she seemed to genuinely like it.

I can tell when The Baby genuinely likes something. She is already quite adept at expressing displeasure, or just looking straight past you when she doesn’t care to be bothered with you. She can even fake-laugh already, when she thinks she should be laughing at something.

So The Baby likes Lou Reed. I’ve promised The Baby that for her next birthday, I’m getting her a copy of Metal Machine Music.