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Scratchbomb’s 2009 All-Star Game Live Blog: Final

11:08: K-Rod looked good, for the most part. Much better than he’s looked in actual Mets games of late.

I vote we place a moratorium on those Bud commercials with that Jet song. The tune has approached near-“Vertigo” levels of annoying ubiquity.

Mariano sets ’em down 1-2-3, and the NL is 0 for the decade (and then some). And I shall repair to my bed, to dream of the years of senior circuit dominance gone by.

11:08: How on earth did Angel Hernandez get on the umpiring crew for the ASG? He’s gotta be the worst ump in the game, by a huge margin. And a total douche to boot.

As Will Carroll pointed out, why did McCarver pick Adrian Gonzalez giving $250K to his alma mater’s baseball team as an example of good-guy-ism? Lot more worthy causes in
the world, Tim.

Ryan Howard strands runners at the corners. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen him strike out on a total junk pitch in the dirt. Dude can not just lay off it.

Heath Bell has taken over Trevor Hoffman’s role in San Diego–including
melting down when it really counts. Curtis Granderson triple and Adam Jones sac fly puts the AL back on top.

McCarver’s trying to sell us on the “value” of Kevin Youkilis. Is he a used car?

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