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A Word on Comments

Earlier today, I had to delete a bunch of spam comments. Spam hasn’t been much of an issue on this here site because I’ve put enough hoops in place so (I hope) the average spammer won’t bother. But lately, I’ve seen a few determined spammers (or bots, more likely) put in the effort to copy and paste chunks of my posts, alter them slightly, then append them with a link to their presumably illegitimate online business.

The likelihood of any guilty party reading this post lies between slim and none, but I’m just putting this out into the ether so it exists. Under the auspices of the It’s My Damn Site and I Can Do What I Want Law, I will delete your comment if it’s basically an ad. Look: I don’t make any money off of this site, so neither should you.

If you have some fantastically awesome product/book/movie/show you want everyone to know about, email me about it and maybe I’ll write about it. But sneaking your stupid link into a comment is the express route to getting banned, capisce?

I will also delete your comment if it adds nothing to the conversation. Or if it was clearly written by some kind of robot. And I would hope this would go without saying, but I will not allow any kind of racism, sexism, or homophobia in the comments. If that’s your game, just go to YouTube, where all commenters are required to be full of hate.

All objections can be addressed to the nearest brick wall.

Scratchbomb: Now With Even More Self-Promotion!

Just wanted to alert the masses to a new commenting feature. If you come up with a brilliant bon mot, and you want other people to know about, you can post said comment to Twitter.

In order to enable this fantastic feature, you’ll have to do some quick set-up work in your Disqus account to align it with your Twitter account, but it only takes a few seconds to do that. Then tick the little “Tweet This Comment” box underneath the text field, and voila! Witness the magic.

Why would you want to do this? I haven’t the slightest idea. But there it is.

Next, I’m working on a commenting feature that will toast bread as you type. Stay tuned!.