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See Me Talk Next Tuesday!

Hey, folks. Scratchbomb HQ is shut down this week for what passes for vacation in these parts. (So far it has involved a lot of highway driving and furniture assembly.) However, I did want to alert you to an exciting upcoming event.

Next Tuesday, September 6, I will be taking part in the Adult Education Lecture Series at Union Hall in Brooklyn. This month’s subject is TRADE NEGOTIATIONS, which I am interpreting in the loosest way possible. My bit will be a brief instruction on how to delicately negotiate your child out the door in the morning. Or my child, anyway. Your results may vary.

The event is hosted by Charles Star and will also feature stand-up comedian Dan Goodman and David Roth, who is one of the many folks behind the (hopefully) soon-to-be-launched sports website The Classical. I am also continually cracked up by his sporting chats with David Raposa (aka The Mercy Rule) at Vice. So even if I don’t bring it, I’m sure these guys will.

But fear not, I shall bring it! Consider it brought! I am renting a large cargo van in which to bring it! Doors are at 7:30, show starts at 8. If you need directions to Union Hall, consider Google! Be there or be elsewhere!