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Follow Me to Replacement Players

Replacement PlayersHello. Hope your new year was pleasant enough for you.

In the spirit of newness, resolutions, new beginnings, and all that crap, I am launching a brand new podcast called Replacement Players. The basic premise is this: I unearth broadcasts of old games from the Vast and Dusty Scratchbomb Video Archives. I ask friends of mine to watch them, friends who watched these games when they originally aired but haven’t seen them in a long time. Then, we’ll get together to discuss how our memories of the game both jive and clash with what we saw in the preserved broadcast. There will also be much discussion of old commercials and cheesy graphics, because low hanging fruit is delicious.

If you want to read a little bit more about this and hear an audio intro for the podcast, check out this post on the official Replacement Players webbed-site. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here, and search for it on the iTunes Store as well if you prefer to do things the hard way.

The very first full episode will launch next Monday, January 7, with a truly awesome guest talking about a truly insane game. I am putting the finishing touches on this debut episode now and I cannot wait to unveil it for you.

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your friends again. The word, it must be spread. Many thanks for your continued support of my insane endeavors.

Holy Goddamn! 006: You Can’t Show Me Any Kind of Hell I Don’t Know Already

slater.jpgHoly Goddamn! is back for another action-packed episode. Sorry that this one’s a little later than usual. I’ve tried to adhere to my self-imposed every-other-week schedule, but some unforeseen issues have plagued the Scratchbomb Home Office of late–most of them not good, as chronicled here. As you’ll probably notice, these events, and my attempts to defy them, have greatly affected the song choices (as have my reflection on baseball seasons past and present).

In episode 006, I have a long chat about fantasy baseball with Skip “Wheels” Slater, a frequent Scratchbomb and Holy Goddamn! contributor. You’ll also hear some wise advice from Vin Scully, some more nostalgic sound bites, and a closing tune that’ll make you wanna run out in the street and punch somebody in the face.*

* Please don’t actually run out in the street and punch someone in the face. Unless they deserve it.

And please forgive the inclusion of a song from my old band. It just seemed to fit the flow and theme. I vow not to engage in such reflective narcissism again. Probably.

Holy Goddamn! 006 Setlist:

“Watch me paste…”/Intro
“Have you seen the schedule…”
Les Savy Fav, “The Year Before the Year 2000”, Let’s Stay Friends
Deefhoof, “Scream Team”, The Runners Four
Viva Voce, “Lesson #1”, The Heat Can Melt Your Brain
Vin Scully lectures on perspective, spring training, 1988
XTC, “No Language in Our Lungs”, Black Sea
The Pixies, “Down to the Well”, Emerson College radio, 1987
Bill Moss, “Number One”, Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label (v/a)
Interview with Skip “Wheels” Slater on fantasy baseball strategy
Elvis Costello, “Hand in Hand”, This Year’s Model
Jay Reatard, “I Know a Place”, Singles 06-07
The Replacements, “I’ll Buy”, Tim
“Someone’s rockin’ my dreamboat…”
Record Ignite!, “Chew You Up”, demo, 1999
“But we were winning!”
Vince Guaraldi, “Rain Rain Go Away”, The Charlie Brown Suite and Other Favorites
Ted Leo, “Rappaport’s Testament: I Never Gave Up”, Mo’ Livin’ EP

Holy Goddamn! 005: Spring Is Here, I Hear

lasorda2.jpgHoly Goddamn! celebrates the impending baseball season! I hoped to have Sean from Massapequa in studio to discuss his trip to spring training, but he bailed for various reasons that will be discussed in his online interview later today.

Fear not! There is plenty of audio goodness in this here episode! Listen as Skip “Wheels” Slater discusses guts, John Sterling honors great moments in Yankee history, and Gary Cohen and Bob Murphy call the best friggin game ever. And also, hot music. And also, karate.

An audio quality note for those who care: the last few episodes were output at lower bit- and sample rates to reduce file size, but in my humble opinion, that resulted in them sounding like they were recorded in a shark tank. So this week, I’ve upped the quality back to previous levels. The file size is bigger, of course, but I think you will appreciate the difference. And if you don’t appreciate it, do your own podcast. Jerk.

Holy Goddamn! 005 Setlist:

Monorchid, “X Marks the Spot: Something Dull Happened Here”, Who Put Out the Fire?
Ricky and the Impressionables, “Baco Walk”, Black Cherries (v/a, 2008 WFMU/Cherry Blossom Clinic Premium)
Mel Allen says play ball!
Brian Wilson, “Trying to Say to You/Baseball”
Carla Thomas, “The Next Ball Game”, Saturday Night Fish Fry (v/a)
Skip “Wheels” Slater and the importance of guts
Buzzcocks, “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays”, Singles Going Steady
“Outside, ball four, the game is tied!”
Ted Leo, “Army Bound”, Living for the Living
Elvis Costello, “King Horse”, Get Happy!
Bill Murray, “It just doesn’t matter!”
Mountain Goats, “Cubs in Five”, Nine Black Poppies
John Sterling presents Great Days in Yankee History
“And if he ever completes his trip around the bases…”
Bill Evans, “Spring Is Here”, Bill Evans at Town Hall Volume 1
Harry Caray, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

Holy Goddamn! 004 – Money Can’t Buy Me Love–No Wait, Yes it Can

Holy Goddamn! returns with episode 004! No extended rants or interviews this week, but we do have a cornucopia of tasty tunes and other audio tomfoolery! Prepare to be adequately entertained!

Holy Goddamn! 004 Setlist:

Time Shares for Cash!
The Peth, “Let’s Go Fucking Mental”, The Golden Mile
Wavves, “No Hope Kids” Wavves
Fucked Up, “Magic Word”, The Chemistry of Common Life
Ball Buster!
Micachu, Golden Phone, Jewellery
David Bowie, “Bombers”, Bowie at the Beeb
Talib Kweli + Madlib, “Funny Money”, Liberation
Fugazi, “Instrument”, In On the Kill Taker
Jesus and Mary Chain, “Far Gone and Out”, Honey’s Dead
Crayon Fields, “Mirror Ball”, A Good Crop: Eardrums Autumn Compilation (v/a, via Sleepwalking)
Mercury Rev, “Everlasting Arm”, See You on the Other Side

Holy Goddamn! 003 – The Unprounceable Band of the Year

Holy Goddamn! returns to the virtual airwaves. In episode 003, I recount my adventures hassling lead singers, and I’m joined by the writer behind music blog Robot Island, who clues me in on what I missed musically in 2008.

What more could you want? Yeah, I have that, too. All of it.

Holy Goddamn! 003 Setlist

Black Keys, “Strange Times,” Attack & Release
Cheap Time, “Push Your Luck,” Cheap Time
Life Detecting Coffins, “The Whores of Tel Aviv,” Catatonic Begat Napoleonic
The Make-Up “I am if…” I Want Some
The What Four, “I’m Gonna Destroy that Boy,” One Kiss Can Lead to Another (v/a)
Ike and Tina Turner, “Bold Soul Sister,” The Hunter (courtesy Doctor Mooney’s 115th Dream)
Spoon, “They Never Got You,” Gimme Fiction

Holy Goddamn! 002 – Brees of Change Meets the Dirty Lowdown

Holy Goddamn returns, a mere 2 weeks later as promised! Oh, you thought it would never last? Yeah, I know what you were thinking. Plus that other thing you were thinking. You sicko.

In this week’s episode, I expound upon a much-needed fairness doctrine for The Small Town Movie, and I have an exclusive in-studio interview with Bree Summers, editor of one of my favorite political blogs, At least it was one of my favorite blogs before the interview. And as always, tunes I dig and soundclips that no one but me will think are funny.

To subscribe to Holy Goddamn! via iTunes, click here. To peep the regular ol’ xml feed, click here.

And just to clarify, this episode is not brought to you in any part by Winger’s. I don’t know how that guy keeps getting his stuff on my show. He must be like a vampire–invite him in your house once and it renders you defenseless.

Holy Goddamn! 002 Setlist

Ted Leo, “The Great Communicator,” Tyranny of Distance * get it
Black Lips, “Lock and Key,” live at Amoeba Records Hollywood (courtesy Rollo & Grady)
Jan Davis, “Snow Surfin’ Matador,” Jungle Exotica Vol. 1 (v/a) * get it
Don Agrati, “Hollywood Song,” Homegrown (courtesy Art Decade)
Jon & Robin, “You Don’t Care,” 7″ single (courtesy Office Naps)
Clinic, “Tomorrow,” Do It! * get it
Nation of Ulysses, “You’re My Miss Washington D.C.,” 13-Point Program to Destroy America * get it
Elvis Costello, “Night Rally,” This Year’s Model * get it


Holy Goddamn! 001 – The Gentle Scream of a Dying Tongue


Oh, you thought you could kill it, didn’t you? YOU CAN’T KILL IT! HOW CAN KILL DEATH ITSELF!

Of course, “death itself” in this case refers to Holy Goddamn!, the official podcast, which makes its triumphant return to the interweb airwaves TODAY!

In episode 001, I speak on my current preoccupation with Food Competitions, and interview the proprietor of Winger’s, which will explain the presence of that horrid ad just above you. Plus, I spin some tunes (listed below for you completists), interspersed with some obscure sound clips that no one but me will remember or enjoy. Fun!

How can you get all this audio hotness? Well, you can play it in your web browser by clicking on the audio player below. If you want to subscribe to the podcast and you have iTunes, click here. Otherwise, you can click on the xml feed contained in the banner above your head or in the navigation bar just to your right. Or here, if you’re really lazy.

Oh, and you’re welcome.

Holy Goddamn 001 Selist:

Cupid Car Club, “Grape Juice Plus,” Cupid Car Club M.P. 7″
Minor Threat, “Salad Days,” Discograpy buy
Elijah and the Ebonites, “Hot Grits,” Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label (v/a)     buy
Jay Reatard, “All Over Again,” Singles 06/07 buy
Future of the Left, “Manchasm,” Last Night I Saved Her from Vampires buy
The Zombies, “Care of Cell 44,” Odessy & Oracle buy
The Hold Steady, “Slapped Actress,” Stay Positive buy