Holiday Horrors: The Worst Christmas Song Ever Explanation

Continuing the fabled tradition begun all the way back in 2009, Scratchbomb presents Holiday Horrors and Holiday Triumphs: an advent calendar of some of the more hideous aspects of this most stressful time of year–with a few bits of awesomeness sprinkled in.

What’s worse than viral video fame? Trying to explain or capitalize on viral video fame. It’s some horrible ghetto of actual fame, where there’s nothing but tenements and liquor stores, and all the Chinese takeout joints have bulletproof glass and caroussels.

About three years ago, someone posted a video on YouTube that billed itself “the worst version ever” of “O Holy Night.” Listen to it and it’s hard to disagree.

This rendition of the classic hymn quickly achieved Grape Stomp Lady-levels of internet infamy, with people posting their own videos of themselves lip syncing it and even playing it on the radio as a joke.

Well, it turns out the person who performed this song was unhappy. Not that he was being made fun of, but that he wasn’t getting credit for his work. So he posted his own YouTube video to prove it was him. The man’s name is Steve Mauldin, and he had arranged “O Holy Night” for a church group.

In this video, he goes to very long, very earnest lengths to prove his bona fides, and to also insinuate that he’d done the original song in jest. I believe this about as much I believe Tommy Wiseau when he says he meant The Room to be a comedy.

Watching Mr. Mauldin’s video, I’m struck by what Fame can do to people. Being known for this song is fame the way McRibs are food, and Mr. Mauldin does not seem at all like the kind of person who’d even aspire to notoriety. And yet, when confronted with the choice between remaining anonymous or known for singing the worst Christmas song ever, he chose “fame.” And if this earnest, humble man can be so easily corrupted, whither goest us?

6 thoughts on “Holiday Horrors: The Worst Christmas Song Ever Explanation”

  1. Actually you would be dead wrong about Steve Mauldin. He is a noted arranger and vocalist in Nashville, with a huge list of credentials to his name. And yes, he did this as a joke many years ago. It began to circulate around the Nashville Music Biz about 10 years ago, and believe me he is for real, and yes he can sing, and yes, he has perfect pitch. SO in short, don’t bet you lunch on you comment “i believe this about as much…….” You would lose and lose badly!

  2. Uh, I guess it’s stock cynicism and crappy insinuative journalism for Christmas. Did you ever apologize to the poor dude? ‘Cause the more I look into him, the more it sounds like, yeah, the guys got some valid credentials and there’s no really profound reason to think he’s lying except for Greater Internet Sh*tc*ck Syndrome. Did you do ANY actual research on this “story”?

  3. This is totally funny to me. He must be talented and have a natural “ear” that instinctively knows if a note is on tune. It can be difficult for a person with a musical ear to sing off tune. And he sure does that. I’ve watched this and some of the lip synch versions several times and they always crack me up.

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