Holiday Horrors: Drug Store Gift Sets

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Weird things make me sad. Like signs that say GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, or old broken toys heaped on the curb for garbage pickup. I have no true connection to whatever situation has transpired, and yet the sight of these things gives me a deep, untouchable melancholy feeling.

In this category, I put drug store gift sets. If you’ve been to a CVS or Duane Reade around the holidays, you know of what I speak. They’re usually toiletry related, like a set of brushes or a manicure set or five identically smelling but differently colored bath scents. They come in red and green boxes, and they usually have a preprinted price tag as part of the cardboard packaging, held on by a perforated hinge, so you can rip it off and no one will know how cheap you are.

I can not fully express how sad the sight of these gift sets makes me. No one wants to get them. No one wants to give them. If you’re buying them, you’re either buying them for someone you barely care about, or because you’re too broke to get something better. And regardless of the reason, no one who receives them is happy.

Wow. I am so bummed out now I have to go lie down. Thanks, Walgreens.