Site Unseen

When I started Scratchbomb, intertubes technology was a fraction of what it is today. The phrase “blog” had not yet been coined. Comments and tags and trackbacks and the like were only a gleam in some codewriter’s eye. If you said that someday people would watch movies and TV shows online, you would have been burned as a witch.

I built Scratchbomb with my bare hands, with some help from Dreamweaver. HTML familiarity was pretty much the only thing you needed to make a site in them days. Times were simpler. People seemed to laugh more then.

But a blog must keep moving forward, or else it shall perish, much like the noble and bloodthirsty shark. I’ve realized that there are things a blog should be able to do that Scratchbomb couldn’t–most of them involving searchability. And I was investing far too much time making it do the few things that it could do–like making permalinks that I had to manually create and maintain.

So after a few days of wrestling with hosts and servers, I’ve converted Scratchbomb over to Movable Type. Without getting too technical, I assure you that it makes running the site a zillion times easier, in terms of writing entries, creating permalinks, etc. I used to have to do all of these things on my own, occasionally by writing code and uploading files via a steam-powered FTP application.

And thanks to the miracle of advanced nerd technology, Scratchbomb will finally be searchable and have tags and (gulp) comments. Yes, you’re welcome.

In the short term, that means the site has a tad generic look right now. In the coming weeks, I’ll be reconfiguring the design so it looks a little less Geocities.

I also plan on migrating the older entries into this new interface. For now, if you wanna look at the old site, click here.