Commenting: Okay, For Real This Time

I know I said commenting was fixed. Apparently I lied. One of these days, I’ll catch up with me and give me a piece of my mind!

Well, it wasn’t broken per se. But I wasn’t happy with Movable Type’s commenting options/interface, or at least as I wasn’t happy with the way they were working with my site. So this time, I actually did some research before destroying the site (again) and decided to go with Disqus.

This will allow commenters to upload and display avatars. It also allows for threaded commenting, and even has RSS feeds for comments. I don’t know if anyone out there is remotely interested in RSS feeds for comments. But hey, it’s there if you’re into that sort of thing.

So now to comment, you must sign in via Disqus. You may have an account with them already, since they power commenting on a bazillion blogs already. If not, signing up and registering your account should be just as easy as it was with Movable Type–plus you’ll be able to upload an avatar that will actually display.

The bad news: you know all those awesome comments you added when I finally “fixed” commenting? They’re kinda gone. They exist somewhere in the bowels of my site; I just have to find them and reinsert them in the older posts. But other site tasks may take precedence over that. Sorry about that.

But I promise that I won’t screw around with commenting again if I can help. And by “if I can help it,” I mean, “as long as something better doesn’t come along.

Onward and upward!