Return of the Son of Give ‘Til It Hurts So Good!

goodguys.jpgBeginning at 7pm tonight, WFMU is holding a 24 emergency pledge marathon. Normally, they hold only one pledge drive a year, but the station is in some dire financial straits.

Should you pledge out of the goodness of your heart and to keep the only radio station worth listening to in the tri-state area on the air? Of course. But if you need some extra motivation, know that The Best Show on WFMU is giving away a monstrously awesome HEROES DO WHAT HEROES DO FUN PACK! What do you get? WHAT DON’T YOU GET?!

  • A special Best Show t-shirt designed by Michael Kupperman, genius behind Snake and Bacon, Tales Designed to Thrizzle, and many other comical works of gut-busting hilarity;
  • A MP3 CD of Best Show rarities to satisfy lunatic completists like yours truly; AND
  • A special CD of punk/rock rarities compiled by WFMU’s own Terre T, who ALWAYS puts together an awesome compilation.

Tune in tonight starting at 7pm, and I’m sure you’ll hear even more reasons to pledge. Special guests! Hilarity! HELICOPTER RIDES! And much much much much more!

Listen: I got no end of things I gotta spend dough on. I’ve got birthday parties, engagement parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Bastille Day…I’M STILL PLEDGING, AND SO SHOULD YOU! CAPS LOCK!