MLB Playoffs YouTubery: Phillies

To celebrate the advent this year’s MLB playoffs, which I am looking forward to with rapt anticipation (no, really), I’d like to do a few posts featuring YouTube finds representing each team that’s made their way to October. Next, the Phillies.

To this day, when I think of the Phillies, the first person I think of is Mike Schmidt. After all, he was one of the greatest third basemen to ever play the game, and also owner of the best 80s baseball mustache this side of Keith Hernandez. Schmitty was the quintessential Reagan-era slugger. So naturally, he made a commercial for Chevy where he tries to beat the shit out of trucks with his bat.

But Mike Schmidt also cared about you. Yes, you. That’s why he did this PSA against cocaine, aka “The Big Lie”. This commercial is so harshly, angular-ly lit, I think David Fincher was involved.

Remember computers? I sure do! This ad promotes an odd Veterans Stadium promo from 1986: a computer simulation of the 1977 Phillies vs. the 1983 Phillies, sponsored by IBM. Apparently, the simulation results were aired between halves of a Phillies-Pirates doubleheader. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was something dreamed up by Philly Boy Roy as an opener to an evening of Laser Allin.

Also from 1986: this compilation of Phillies promos that look like they were directed by Tim and Eric and edited with a machete. I keep waiting for Dr. Steve Brule make an appearance.

But let’s leave a wistful note, shall we? Here’s a rare, beautiful find: color home movie footage of the first game of the 1950 World Series between the Phillies and the Yankees at Shibe Park, taken by the drummer of the band that played before the game. It’s an exquisite time capsule. You see the “Whiz Kids” playing toss, fans getting psyched for the game, and, eventually, the Yankees beginning their assault, en route to a four-game sweep.