Endeavors Elsewhere Continue Unabated

If entries at Scratchbomb HQ have been light lately, it’s because I’ve been wracking my brain to bring you In the Year 2000, a survey of that year’s Mets team, over at Amazin’ Avenue. So I wanted give alla y’all a heads up that if you’re not checking that out, you should be. The latest post is on NLCS Game 2, in which Rick Ankiel had a China Syndrome-level meltdown, both teams forgot how to field, the Mets blew two leads, and came back thanks to an opportune bounce. Sounds thrilling, don’t it?

I’ve also added a little widget to your right that will inform you about the latest posts over at Amazin’ Avenue. See, it’s right there? Now you’ll never miss a beat. About what’ on that particular site, that is. For everything else in your life, you’re on your own.