YouTubery Friday: VentriloChoir and “Amazing” Grace

It’s Friday! Procrastinate and countdown to happy hour with these lovely bits!

This video of a Hungarian ventriloquist choir was placed on the FOT forum by Big Plastic Head, preceded by the phrase “Nightmare Fuel.” I could not agree more. Good to know that, even in foreign countries, ventriloquists’ “dummy” voices sound pinched and annoying.

See if you can guess what song they’ll sing before it starts. I think you’ll be pleasantly horrified.

And while we’re on the subject of terrifying vocal performances, here’s another find from the FOT forum, this one posted by dania. It features a man at church who’s overtaken by the spirit of The Lord (and no doubt more earthly substances) and takes a stab at singing “Amazing Grace”. Hilarity ensues.

Most spectacular feature of this video: when the church band kicks in, and not only keeps a straight face, but stays on key/in rhythm the whole time. Amazing, indeed.