Live Blog: World Series Game 2

Update 10.30: Thanks to everyone who participated in this glorious live event! If you want to see what you missed or relive the glory, just press that little play button below.

Original post:

Hey fans! Much as I enjoyed last night’s live-bloggery, I felt my
method of doing so was a tad clunky and not quite dynamic enough method
of keeping up with the action. I wanted something that allowed more
verbage than tweeting, but sacrificed immediacy in the process.

now live blogging is back and better than ever! I’ve improved the
live-blogging interface for tonight’s Pedro vs. Burnett action, by the
means of that gray box down there. Oh yes, you’re welcome.

come back ’round 7:30pm EST and keep yer browser right here this
evening for hot World Series action! No more refreshing! No more
constant Twitter updates! (RSS feed here for supernerds.) And you can comment along with me! IF YOU DARE.