Sharing Is Caring

buttons.pngYou’ll notice that Scratchbomb posts now have handy, convenient ways that allow you to share them with the world in just a few clicks. Or maybe you hadn’t noticed, but you surely must notice now that I’m telling you about. And if you’re not noticing them by now, you’re just being difficult.

Truth is, there always was a little sharing thingy beneath the tags, but I realized that it was obscured and obtuse and confusing. So now I’ve streamlined it via the only ways that people seem to share articles anymore: Twitter and Facebook.

To tweet about an article, just click the little Tweet button. That opens a window with a shortened URL so’s you can tweet away about my latest needling of Mike Francesa.

To “like” a page on Facebook, just click the little thumbs up button so all your Facebook friends will know how smart you are.

Please do this to spread the word about Scratchbomb’s fantastic-ness, and to also help me get my secret data mining project off the ground.