Endeavors Elsewhere: In the Year 2000

conan2000.jpgAgainst the advice of family, friends, several mental health professionals, and my own sanity, I’ve decided to delve into the Mets’ 2000 season. I’ve decided to call this project In the Year 2000, because I am clever.

The reason: I considered my insane, unrequited love for the 1999 Mets, which carries with it the belief that this team was far superior to the 2000 squad. Was this true, or was I simply allowing my biases to cloud my judgment? Being the empiricist that I am, I concluded that I could not know the true answer unless I delved deep into 2000.

You may recall that last year, I reviewed the Mets’ 1999 season in excruciating detail, game by game. I will not be doing that for 2000. This will instead be an overview, with some in-depth focus when it comes to particularly notable games (such as the postseason).

Oh, and I will be doing this over at Amazin’ Avenue, a Mets-centric blog of taste and distinction. I’ve already put up an introductory post and a look back at the Mets’ trip to Japan to start the 2000 season. If you follow me on the Twitter, you’ll know when future posts drop.

However, rest assured that this site will remain a one-stop shop for swipes at Mike Francesa and Richard Lewis ads.