Technical Notes: The 1999 Project and Everything Else

99_si_cover.jpgAs I’ve compiled the 1999 Project, I often go back and reread earlier entries to refresh my memory. While doing this, I’ve noticed some inconsistencies and errors, not to mention some posts that just cry out to be spiffed up.

So in the coming weeks, I’m going to review each post and make a few adjustments. Some of these changes will be small, like making style consistent or repairing typos. For instance, there are several posts where I inadvertently spelled John Olerud’s first name as ‘Jon’. And I wasn’t always consistent in re: stuff like spelling out numbers (which, as a copy editor by trade, drives me nuts).

Other changes will be bigger, in the case of info that’s incorrect. I hope there’s not too many of these, although I already found a statistical error in an early post regarding Rickey Henderson getting 12 total bases in a game, which I originally wrote was a club record (it wasn’t, even at the time).

I’ll also be adding, where appropriate, links to posts that came later–something that was obviously impossible the first time ’round. And I’ll add a few pics here and there to spiff up the joint.

In summary, I’m just letting everyone know that some posts will be revised and THERE IS NO REASON FOR PANIC.

In other news, something else recently hit me. The current blog-arific incarnation of this site began in 2006. But not all of those posts have been integrated into the even newer, searchable and commentable Scratchbomb that debuted last year. All of the posts from 2006 were added, but only a mild smattering of posts from 2007 and 2008 have been given the royal treatment (usually added when I wrote a new post that brought to mind an older one).

My plan is to get all Scratchbomb material 2006 forward integrated into the ‘new’ site by the end of the year. That way, the whole world can search for and guffaw at my take on NFL playoff games from two years ago.

Incidentally, I’ve had this site longer than since 2006. A lot longer, in fact. But it was kind of a mess back then. If there’s any real clamor for that stuff (pause to see tumbleweeds pass through), I’ll go ahead and add them. If I still have them, that is.

Oh, and you’re welcome.