A Presentation of Upsetting Spam Theater

I usually comb through my email spam folder before emptying it, on the off chance I will find either non-spam correspondence or something hilarious. Like the time I received a plea for help from someone named GRISEL CHONG.

Last week, while doing just such a combing over, I found an email with this extremely upsetting combination of “sender” and subject.

Naturally, I clicked on the email and found nothing more than enticements for cheap boner pills. This forced me to Google “Tim Russert sex scandal”, and guess what? There was, as far as any one knows, no sex scandal involving the sadly late Meet the Press host. But if you start typing in “Tim Russert” in your search window, chances are one of the top ten auto-fill choices will be “Tim Russert sex scandal”.

Thanks a lot, spammers. It’s not bad enough you have to litter my inbox, but you have drag a good man’s name through the digital dirt, someone who can not respond? May God have mercy on your robot souls.