Harrison Ford, Man of Two or Three Faces

Harrison Ford is a movie star in the classic mold. He is not a method actor in the vein of Brando or Deniro. He’s more like the old-timey matinee idols of yesteryear, like John Wayne, or Cary Grant, or Clark Gable. None of those guys ever acted. Their job was to appear in a movie, recite their lines, and just be whoever they were. They’d play extremely slight variations on the same character over and over again, because that was all the studio–and the public–demanded of them.

The same goes for Harrison Ford. The movie-going public does not want to see Harrison Ford in a gritty indie drama, or a quirky comedy, or a costume piece. They want to see Harrison Ford, successful man whose family is threatened somehow. Again. And again and again and again.

Thanks to philvsthemayor, whose tweeting alerted me to this gem.