A New Way to Like Me!

Once again, Scratchbomb has tinkered with that which was not broken. I’ve streamlined the sharing functions at the bottom of each post. You can still tweet all about it to your friends. THAT HAS NOT CHANGED! You can still like a post on Facebook. THAT HAS ALSO NOT CHANGED. But you can also now click the little Facebook icon to add a post to your wall along with a pithy comment.

You can also give Scratchbomb posts a Google +1. What’s that, you ask? I barely know! I do know that it may or may not have something to do with Google+, which I am signed up with even though I barely understand it any better than the aforementioned button. But everyone’s all excited about Google+, and let it never be said I can’t jump on a bandwagon with the best of ’em. In addition, there’s a brand new button to add this to Google Reader, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Finally, I’ve added a new dropdown menu that allows you to share a post on whatever weird other social media things you use, you weirdos. The most important thing is, this gives you a brand new way to tell the world how awesome I am. So please, use it early and often!

4 thoughts on “A New Way to Like Me!”

  1. I was playing around with plugins to do this over the weekend, and I came across “AddThis.” It looks like you may be using that or something like that, but, in case you’re not, I thought it was pretty cool and easy to configure.

    1. I like the AddThis thing, but it doesn’t look like they have Google +1 (yet), and I wanted to make sure that was enabled in case Google+ essplodes.

      1. I’m sorry, wrong name. AddToAny, I meant. – The bar at the top and bottom was created using that plugin: http://derryx.com/derryx-rants/from-wwf-obscurity-the-undertaker-with-a-mask/ 

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