This Child MUST Make It to Day Camp, Come Hell or High Water!

This morning, at the corner of Flushing and Throop, I saw a dad pushing a stroller. The dad wore an aggressive-looking uniform with a shield-shaped badge on the shoulder that says SECURITY. Which could mean anything, of course. He could be on his way to guard a bank or a Chik-Fil-A. But he had the swagger of a man who is dangerous for a living. Shaved head, buff arms. Guy definitely looked intimidating.

But he was pushing a stroller. A very large stroller, with a very cute little girl in it. He was pushing it with one hand, which is not easy to do with those gigundo strollers. And from the look of his belt, he was pushing it with one hand so he could more easily reach the gun holstered at his hip, if need be.

All of this led me to believe that this was his job: protecting this toddler AT ALL COSTS. Like she had accidentally swallowed the key to the nuclear football, or she was born with a birthmark that spelled out the secret formula for time travel. Whatever the reason, this child needed to get where she was going, and FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

Which is as good an excuse as any to embed this Paul F. Tompkins video.
Paul F. Tompkins – New Dads
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