Military Intelligence: Still an Oxymoron

Yesterday I saw two different military-related items on the Interwebs that made me shake me head. And no, neither of them was the moronic Army major who refuses to go to Afghanistan because he thinks Obama isn’t a natural born citizen. Both of these stories could be blurbs in some Bizzarro World version of Reader Digest‘s “Humor in Uniform.”

Item #1! This AP headline:

Are you mad, Pentagon?! We can’t have soldiers in war zones smoking! It’s dangerous! People could be killed!

Item #2! The tweeting of irabrooker alerted me to this insane headline at NPR’s news blog:

corpseeater.pngThe thrust of the article is that the Pentagon is trying to develop a self-sufficient “clean-up” robot that could fuel itself by consuming various forms of waste, including dead bodies. I’m just surprised that this technology is being pursued now. Corpse-eating robots sounds more like an idea from the fertile, maniacal brain of Dick Cheney. Or maybe he wanted robots that would feast on hope and kittens.