An Update from Our “How Do I Feel About This?” Department

Last week, I wrote about the horrible, horrible, and hilarious saga of Bulletball. After doing so, I felt a little bad. Like I was just exploiting this man’s delusion for a few yucks. Who am I to judge? What have I done in my life that makes me so high any mighty? I was filled with shame, more so than usual.

Then I saw a few other Bulletball-related videos on The YouTube, and now…you know, I still don’t know how this makes me feel. Kind of giddy and icky at the same time. Like it’s Halloween and I just ate a whole buncha candy and I’m jacked up on sugar, but it’s Sunday night and I have to go to school tomorrow.

Most of the videos are basically sales pitches for the game, but this clip blows my mind. I don’t think it legally qualifies as a video. It may just be an animated gif, accompanied by some Casio rap, performed first by a guy who sounds vaguely like Curtis Blow, then by a kid who does the exact same lyrics.

Granted, this video was probably not made by the insane inventor of Bulletball. But it seems to capture its spirit, don’t you think?

Yes, that certainly is a Bulletball.